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PGWP eligibility.

Find out how to pause your studies without losing your PGWP eligibility. Recognise the IRCC’s regulations on authorised leaves, full-time status, and school procedures.
 PGWP eligibility.
For overseas students hoping to get permanent residence (PR) and gain job experience in Canada, the Post-Graduation job Permit (PGWP) is essential. But to remain eligible, you must continue to be enrolled full-time in your courses. Taking longer than planned pauses may make you ineligible for the PGWP.

Full-Time Status:

As actively pursuing education, as defined by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), usually enrolling in three or more courses per semester.

Exceptions to Full-Time Requirement:

1. During prearranged intervals (like summer vacation).

2. Studying part-time or pausing your studies from March 2020 to October 2020 because to COVID-19.

3. Past semester’s part-time status.

4. Approved time off for a period shorter than 150 days.

Authorized Leave of Absence:

This document from the student’s designated learning institution (DLI) details why taking a leave of absence from school for fewer than 150 days is reasonable and has the consent of the school. The only organisations in Canada with the authority to admit and house international students are DLIs.

Common Reasons for Authorized Leave:

1. Disease or injury related to health
2. Parental leave and pregnancy
3. family crisis
4. compelled military duty
5. Programme change at the same institution
6. Expulsion from the educational institution

Requesting an Authorized Leave of Absence Letter:

The procedures differ for each institution, but they usually entail filling out a form, providing supporting papers, and submitting travel and immigration documents such as:

– Study permit
– Student visa/eTA
– Passport

The majority of colleges provide assistance through international education hubs or immigration specialists.

Examples of Popular DLIs:

1. University of Toronto
2. Waterloo University
3. McGill University
4. University of British Columbia
5. Queen’s University

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