Request to Defer Your Studies

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Request to Defer Your Studies

If you have received an offer to pursue your studies from an Australian Institute but find yourself not ready to embark on your academic journey, this Acme Immigration guide is tailored for you on the process of deferring your course.

Depending on your course, you may have the option to defer your offer for up to one year. This entails the university reserving a place for you to enroll in your course the following semester or year. Deferral is open to most students, including coursework or research, both domestic and international. International students on a student visa can only defer subjects following the conditions outlined in the National Code.

Why students consider deferring of studies?

  • Students may consider deferring studies in Australia for various reasons, including:
  • Taking time off to travel, work, or volunteer abroad for personal growth and life contemplation.
  • Exploring other cultures during a gap year, positively influencing personal development and future employability.
  • Opting for a break to improve grades, as studies have shown that students who take a gap year often achieve higher marks at university.
  • Earning income by deferring studies to build up savings, reducing financial stress during the academic journey.

Some education providers may impose a deferral fee ranging from AUD 100 to AUD 200, which can be either refundable or non-refundable.


You can request a deferral through Acme Immigration Consultants during the process of accepting your offer.

The outcome of your request will be communicated via email. We will notify you in the following situations:

  • If your deferral application is accepted and approved, a new offer will be issued.
  • If your application to defer is rejected, you can still accept your offer by following the instructions provided with your outcome response.
  • If you wish to delay the start of your course for longer than a year, you will need to reapply to the university to which you were previously admitted.
  • For international students who have accepted the offer and paid tuition fees but have not applied for a student visa, you can still apply to defer. If approved, the education provider may not hold your place, but they will provide an offer for the following semester or year. A new electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) will be issued upon accepting the second offer.