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Training Visa for Australia

Are you aspiring to enhance your professional skills or seeking workplace-ready experience to boost your academic and career statistics? Acme Immigration Consultants invite you to explore the Training Visa (Subclass 407) and seize the opportunity to become proficient and industry-ready in Australia.

How Does a Training Visa Help?

A Training Visa allows you to visit Australia for a specified duration to engage in occupational training or professional development. Choose from various types of occupational training under the 407 visa:


  1. Workplace-based training for registration or licensing: For individuals requiring registration, membership, or licensing in their home country to pursue a specific occupation in Australia.
  2. Structured Workplace-Based training for skills: Designed for those selected by verified temporary activity sponsors for occupations in the list of eligible skilled trades, necessitating structured workplace-based training.
  3. Training for skills enhancement: Divided into three categories:
  • Overseas Qualification: Ideal for students enrolled in a foreign educational institution, requiring practical training, research, or observation to complete their degree or qualification.
  • Government Support: Intended for individuals supported by a government agency for structured workplace-based occupational training.
  • Professional Development: Tailored for overseas workers aiming to implement a customized professional development program for organizational growth.
Benefits of The Training Visa 407:

The Training Visa 407 offers the following advantages:

  •  Apply onshore or offshore.
  •  Stay in Australia for up to 2 years for specified training.
  •  Frequent exit and re-entry to Australia within the visa validity.
  •  Accompanying eligible family members to Australia is permitted.
Eligibility Criteria for Visa Applicants, Sponsors & Nominators:
To qualify for this visa, applicants, sponsors, and nominators must adhere to specific criteria, including age, sponsorship requirements, occupational training, English proficiency, genuine intent to stay temporarily, health, character, financial capacity, and compliance with program requirements.
Family Members Inclusion:

Family members, including a partner and dependent children up to 23 years old, can be included in the visa application. Evidence of family relationships, written statements, and sponsor approval are prerequisites.

Financial Requirements:

Proof of financial capacity to support oneself and accompanying family members throughout the stay in Australia is mandatory.

Health and Character Requirements:

Medical examinations, police clearances, and health insurance coverage for the visa applicant and dependent family members are essential.

Why Choose Acme for Training Visa Services?

Acme Immigration Consultants, operating lawfully in Australia, assist individuals, organizations, and foreign government agencies in navigating the Training Visa process. Our expertise ensures compliance with sponsorship obligations, favorable information identification, and approval for seamless visa processing.

Embark on your journey to skill enhancement with Acme’s comprehensive Training Visa services. Your pathway to professional growth starts here!