Admission in Australia

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Study in Australia


Admission to Australia with Acme is a five-step comprehensive process that integrates the following procedure:

Step 1:

Decide on the course you want to study and thoroughly research courses, institutions, and their locations. Consider the areas of specialization offered and choose the one that best suits your intended career path. Identify education providers that offer it and select the one that best suits your requirements, considering campus facilities, support services for international students, and financial aspects.

Step 2:

Once you have chosen your course and education provider, it's time to apply. Visit the 'Enquire Now' page to submit an inquiry to the chosen educational institution. Before applying, check the academic and English language entry requirements to ensure eligibility. Note important deadlines to meet application requirements.

Step 3:

Have your application processed, and you will be notified of the result accordingly. In some cases, such as postgraduate applications, it may take a few weeks longer for processing.

Step 4:

If your application is accepted, you will receive an offer letter and an acceptance form. Before accepting, review the terms and conditions, as you are expected to meet these conditions before the institution issues a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Tuition fees may also be required before the CoE is issued.

Step 5:

Prepare for departure and apply for your student visa. You can apply for your student visa using either your offer letter or your CoE, and that's when you will require Acme Immigration for all your admission-related queries.



Many of us have this query: Can we study in Australia without IELTS/TOEFL? Well, the answer is YES ! Many educational institutions in Australia readily provide education without the standard English testing exams like IELTS or TOEFL.

You should know

Some Interesting Facts About Education In Australia

  • As published by the United Nations, the Education Index listed Australia as 0.993, the highest in the world.
  • In 2017, Australia had approximately 526,932 international students from over 90 countries worldwide.
  • An international student is more likely to enroll in a course registered under CRICOS, the registration that showcases that the course and institution meet the academic excellence standard of the education system in Australia.

Remember that you can ask for help and get quality advice from our experts at Acme who are always available and willing to assist you, making your experience seamless. We work closely with over 200 educational institutions all over Australia.

Let's understand what is CoE

New Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)

The Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) is an official document issued by the university. It signifies your enrollment in a particular program but differs from your acceptance letter. Typically dispatched approximately four weeks before your departure, the CoE is sent via email by your program manager. It is a crucial document required for obtaining a visa from the Department of Home Affairs, covering the entire duration of your program.

No application for a new CoE is needed under the following circumstances, as we will automatically process and send it to your UNSW email account:
  • Transferring to another program within UNSW (e.g., Bachelor of Arts to Bachelor of Commerce).
  • Receiving a credit transfer that shortens the program’s length.
However, you will need to apply for a new CoE if:

Your present CoE is expiring after a certain period, especially if:

  • You are extending your program duration and applying for a visa extension.
  • You are returning to studies from Program Leave or suspension.

The University may extend a student visa holder’s program and CoE if:

  • Compassionate or compelling circumstances are assessed with supporting evidence.
  • An interference strategy has been implemented or is in the process for students at risk of not meeting course progress requirements.
  • An approved deferment or suspension of the overseas student’s enrollment has occurred.

To apply for a new CoE, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the online Endorsement for a change of course duration and CoE form. Submit the form once, and be aware that multiple submissions will cause delays.
    Note: Consult a Faculty Enrolment Officer/Course Adviser, if required, for completion and approval. Your Faculty will contact you if additional information is needed.
  2. Allow up to 10 working days for processing your new CoE application. It’s recommended to submit the application at least 10 working days before needing the new CoE.
  3. If the new CoE is required for a student visa extension, ensure your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is extended to cover the new visa duration.
  4. Once your application is processed and a new CoE endorsed, it will be sent to the email address provided in your application.