Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass 189

Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass 189 Acme Migration
Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass 189

Your Gateway to Australian Permanent Residency

The Subclass 189 Visa is a points-tested, permanent visa designed for skilled workers not sponsored by an Australian employer. Here’s a quick overview:


Key Benefits:

  • Live, work, and study anywhere in Australia
  • Sponsor eligible family members for permanent residence
  • Eligible for Australian Citizenship (if meeting criteria)

Why Choose Subclass 189:

  • Freedom to live and work anywhere in Australia
  • No obligation to move to a specific state or region
  • Sponsor family members, access free education, and secure healthcare and social security
  • No need for an existing job offers; migration based on skills and points

How to Apply:

  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and await SkillSelect invitation
  • 65 points minimum required for an invitation


    Permanent residency with varying lengths based on qualifications

    • Bachelor’s degree: 2 years
    • Master’s by coursework: 2 years
    • Master’s by research: 3 years
    • Doctoral degree: 4 years
    • Hong Kong passport holders: 5 years post completing a degree

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list
  • Successful skill assessment
  • Minimum skilled English proficiency
  • 65 points or more on the points test
  • Health and character requirements met

Including Family Members:

  • Dependent children, partner, or spouse can be included
  • English proficiency required for members over 18
  • Health and character checks for all family members

English Proficiency Exemptions:

  • Holders of passports from specific English-speaking countries
  • Completion of education in English
  • Previous study or work experience in English

Health and Character Requirements:

  • All family members must meet health and character standards
  • Police clearances required for applicants over 16
Embark on your journey to Australian Permanent Residency with the Subclass 189 Visa! 🌐🇦🇺

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