Education System in Canada

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Canada's Education System

Education System in Canada for International Students

Considering studying in Canada? Explore the Canadian education system for international students, ensuring you choose the right field for your academic pursuits.

Canada’s Attractive Education System

Canada’s education system is renowned globally, drawing students from diverse backgrounds. While there’s no federal department of education, each province or territory maintains high standards, encompassing both publicly-funded and private schools.

The system is divided into three key areas: Primary Education, Secondary/Higher Secondary Education, and Tertiary Education.


Primary education begins at the age of five with kindergarten and spans seven or eight years.


Commencing at twelve or thirteen years, secondary education lasts for three to four years.


Beginning at sixteen or seventeen years, higher secondary education extends for two years.


Tertiary education encompasses both higher and Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

For recent graduates, those seeking a career change, or individuals aiming to enhance existing skills, Canadian vocational schools offer a diverse range of study options tailored to individual interests and goals. VET covers various fields and facilitates knowledge acquisition in numerous occupations.


Foundation Studies

Individuals not meeting the requirements of an education program can pursue foundation studies. Typically lasting for one year, this course precedes a university program, enabling students to enhance academic performance before undertaking a full degree.

Whether you’re navigating primary, secondary, or tertiary education, or exploring vocational and foundation studies, Canada’s education system offers a rich tapestry of opportunities.

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