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With the addition of 35 new jobs, Ontario’s PNP increases job eligibility for in-demand skill streams. With the modified conditions, newcomers can now file for provincial nomination.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).
Through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills Stream, more entrants are now qualified for provincial nomination (OINP).

On July 4, the Ministry of Labor, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development expanded the list of employment taken into consideration when releasing Expressions of Interest (EOIs) under the stream to include positions under 35 National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes. Among them are:

NOC 14400 – Shippers and Receivers
NOC 14402 – Production Logistics Workers
NOC 65320 – Dry Cleaning, Laundry, and Related Occupations
NOC 74200 – Railway Yard and Track Maintenance Workers
NOC 74203 – Automotive and Heavy Truck and Equipment Parts Installers and Servicers
NOC 74204 – Utility Maintenance Workers
NOC 74205 – Public Works Maintenance Equipment Operators and Related Workers
NOC 75101 – Material Handlers
NOC 75119 – Other Trades Helpers and Laborer’s
NOC 75211 – Railway and Motor Transport Laborer’s
NOC 75212 – Public Works and Maintenance Laborer’s
NOC 85102 – Aquaculture and Marine Harvest Laborer’s
NOC 94101 – Foundry Workers
NOC 94102 – Glass Forming and Finishing Machine Operators and Glass Cutters
NOC 94103 – Concrete, Clay, and Stone Forming Operators
NOC 94104 – Inspectors and Testers, Mineral and Metal Processing
NOC 94112 – Rubber Processing Machine Operators and Related Workers
NOC 94120 – Sawmill Machine Operators
NOC 94121 – Pulp Mill, Papermaking, and Finishing Machine Operators
NOC 94123 – Lumber Graders and Other Wood Processing Inspectors and Graders
NOC 94142 – Fish and Seafood Plant Workers
NOC 94143 – Testers and Graders, Food and Beverage Processing
NOC 94200 – Motor Vehicle Assemblers, Inspectors, and Testers
NOC 94202 – Assemblers and Inspectors, Electrical Appliance, Apparatus, and Equipment Manufacturing
NOC 94203 – Assemblers, Fabricators, and Inspectors, Industrial Electrical Motors and Transformers
NOC 94205 – Machine Operators and Inspectors, Electrical Apparatus Manufacturing
NOC 94211 – Assemblers and Inspectors of Other Wood Products
NOC 94212 – Plastic Products Assemblers, Finishers, and Inspectors
NOC 95100 – Laborer’s in Mineral and Metal Processing
NOC 95101 – Laborer’s in Metal Fabrication
NOC 95103 – Laborer’s in Wood, Pulp, and Paper Processing
NOC 95104 – Laborer’s in Rubber and Plastic Products Manufacturing
NOC 95106 – Laborer’s in Food and Beverage Processing
NOC 95107 – Laborer’s in Fish and Seafood Processing

Job offers, with the exception of NOC 75119 – Other Trades Helpers and Laborer’s, must be located outside of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

These additions come after discussions with stakeholders from the province in the autumn of 2023.

Other Eligibility Criteria

The Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Occupations Stream fills Ontario’s urgent job openings in trades, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture.

Job Offer Requirements:

An Ontario firm has extended a full-time work offer (minimum 1,560 hours/year, 30 hours/week).

The employment offer has no expiration date (i.e., it’s not a contract role).

Candidate Requirements:

A minimum of nine months’ worth of paid, full-time work experience in Ontario during the previous three years in the same NOC code as the job offer

A minimum of four Canadian Language Benchmark points must be earned in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in either French or English.

A Canadian high school diploma or a foreign credential that is comparable (non-Canadian schooling requires the schooling Credential Assessment)


Prior to submitting an application for nomination, applicants in licensed professions must obtain the appropriate provincial regulatory authority license.

About OIN

With the help of Ontario’s PNP, the province can recommend applicants who are most suited for the regional economy, strengthening their case when applying for permanent residency with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Of the 16,506 nominations received in 2023, 463 were sent to the Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Occupations Stream. The maximum nomination allotment for any PNP in Canada, 21,500, was granted to Ontario in 2024. By the end of the year, Canada hopes to have welcomed 110,000 newcomers through PNP.

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