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Purchasing and maintaining an active health insurance policy is a mandatory condition of various visa. Whereas all permanent visa holders and some temporary visa holders are entitled for Australia Medicare which is government funded healthcare system, student, visitor - 485 visa holders usually have to maintain their private health insurance.

Australian Health Insurance Requirements

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For Student visa, Overseas Student Health Cover is a mandatory condition. It will help you pay for any medical or hospital care you may need while you’re studying here. It will also help pay for most prescription medicines and provide you with ambulance cover in emergencies depending on the cover and provider.

Temporary Graduate 485 visa holders also need to maintain Health Cover throughout the visa period. These visa holders can pay it monthly, weekly or fortnightly.

Temporary Skill Shortage visa holders need to maintain the specified health insurance as well.

Visitor health insurance is not mandatory in many cases but certainly is recommended. Especially when it comes to aged parents visiting their family in Australian, any health issue may set back the family tens of thousands of dollars whereas buying a health insurance will cost very minute in comparison to that.

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